glUCModel is a platform developed at Universidad Complutense de Madrid for helping people suffering from Diabetes on the daily management of the disease. It is compound of several modules all of them developed as part of different research projects funding by Spanish Government, Madrid Regional Government, European Union and FundaciĆ³n Eugenio Rodriguez Pascual. The main purpose of glUCModel is the development of Data-driven Machine Learning Models.

glUCModel database is the center of the platform. Data for feeding machine learning engine is uploaded here, you can also consult the databases, upload models and manage information of the users.
glUCMpatterns generate reports from data obtained through Flash Glucose Monitoring systems. Reports include information of patterns and habits and machine learning models of the risk of suffering hypo and hyperglycemia events.
GlucNet is a platform to generate, consult and update data driven Models for glucose prediction. Models are obtained with Evolutionary Computation techniques, Neural Networks, and Evolutionary Fuzzy techniques among others.
Our algorithms are protected by patents. Our research group, Adaptive and Bioinspired systems. at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (UCM) -Spain, have presented several patents during the last years, Some of them are pending, other already conceded. You can find here more information about our patents.
Our works is supported by our research group, Adaptive and Bioinspired systems. at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (UCM) -Spain. During the last 10 years we have been publishing our results and algorithms in the most prestigious scientific journals with high impact factor and our works are a reference in the field, specially those related to prediction models with Grammatical Evolution. You can find here a selection of our publications.
glUCMquest is a video game for mobile devices designed to help, mainly young people, to learn about diabetes and to deal with aspects related to food, insulin and physical exercise. Keep glucose at bay by acting on unhealthy foods. As long as you keep your glucose in range you can keep playing. Answer the questions about diabetes to pass to the next level.